Assessing your cloud readiness and planning a roadmap for the cloud journey

No two businesses are alike in terms of their business goals or IT environment. You need a customised plan to chart the optimal route for cloud migration.

3 years ago   •   2 min read

By Jason Harvey

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The rush to enable work-from-home and digital commerce this year is prompting organisations around the world to re-evaluate their cloud computing strategies. The conclusion many have reached is that the fast pivots and rapid transformations 2020 demanded of them would’ve been far easier had they been more in the cloud.

Now, enterprises are asking how they can prepare themselves for what Forrester calls the “new, unstable normal”. With the analyst group predicting that the global public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35% to $120 billion in 2021, it’s clear that cloud is a big part of the answer.

Indeed, most organisations simply would not have been able to ensure continuity during national lockdowns without using at least some cloud apps and infrastructure. For many, this has settled the debate once and for all about whether the cloud meets their needs in terms of uptime, security, regulatory compliance and economics.

Organisations have found that the cloud:

  • offers flexibility as per changing needs
  • provides solid disaster recovery
  • enables automatic security and software updates
  • saves the money they spend on hardware maintenance
  • improves data security
  • offers a company a competitive edge

More cloud, please
Most companies have some applications and workloads in the cloud. Yet many were planning for a longer and more orderly migration to large-scale cloud deployment before the pandemic accelerated their timetables.

As such, the question is no longer “Would my business be better off in the cloud?” but “What’s the best roadmap for my journey there?” And answering that question involves investigating several more:

  • What is it going to cost to migrate?
  • What do I stand to save if I move now versus fully depreciating my existing data centre investment?
  • Which operations should I move first? All my operations or just some?
  • What cloud deployment models should I use?

There are many moving parts in each of these decisions, and they’re not just about technology.  A successful migration plan will factor in many different aspects relating to people, process and technology—from potential integration issues in a mixed multi-cloud/on-premises environment to the need to reskill the IT department to the challenges of business/IT alignment.

Cloud Migration Costing and Plan

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