Audience segmentation and DotModus Audience Insights: The future of marketing

The digital transformation of your business should encompass all of your departments, including marketing.

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Angelique Tzanakakis

Marketers are currently looking for innovative ways to market products and services for the new kind of consumer. Using digital tools to support marketing efforts, marketers can elevate your business.

Upcoming changes to online tracking are going to limit your ability to effectively reach, understand and engage people on devices and across the web. Specifically, without 3rd party tracking tools and cookies, identifying the best audiences for your ads is only going to get harder.

In this post, I will give you a very brief overview of what segmentation is and why it’s valuable. After that, I will discuss how DotModus Audience Insights uses cookieless tracking and Customer Match technology to analyse your existing ideal customers and helps you to find more people just like them.

What is customer segmentation?

Marketers use segmentation to ensure that they target the right customers. As a result, marketing campaigns are likely to have a better ROI. But what is it and why should you care? Generally, customer segmentation is exactly what it sounds like. It is the process of taking the existing customer base and splitting them into sub-categories based on commonalities such as location or age, for example. This is important because your customers are not a single entity with the same needs and desires.

Without segmentation, there is a high chance that you will target the wrong customer and likely miss an opportunity. Customer segmentation doesn’t just help your marketing team; it also benefits business development by providing insight into who to re-engage with and which customers are most valuable. Thereby improving marketing and sales activities.

Audience Insights: improving targeting and acquisition

If you missed it, here is the intro to Audience Insights. It can be summed up as: Audience Insights, at its core, takes the data about your current customers, identifies their behaviours and then helps you to find new customers just like them. It not only helps you target the right people but more of the right people.

Data is presented in a dashboard. Marketers can explore, filter and segment the data to build custom audiences based on customer activity, intent, demographics and more. These audience lists can then be exported to various file formats (Excel, CSV, pdf) and uploaded to an ad platform.

With the provided filtering and search tools, users can generate custom groups or segments of customers. For example: All “female + ages 30-35 + Durban + no recent online purchases”. These segments can then be downloaded as lists for marketing purposes or exported to Google Customer Match for use across Google’s ad networks. Customer Match automatically identifies prospective customers that fit your various ICP definitions. This is all done with 1st-party data to ensure your organisation remains compliant and operating within the boundaries of all new data regulations.

Final thoughts

The importance of customer segmentation can’t be overstated, especially with how competitive the economy is becoming. Separating your customers into sub-categories will help you target the right people at the right time. With Audience Insights, you can also target more of the same kind of customers. Now is the best time for you to transform your marketing activities.

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