Celebrating our newly certified team members.

4 years ago   •   1 min read

By Jason Harvey

Few things give our developers a bigger edge over their peers in the market than cloud certifications. Cloud certifications from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are globally recognised standards for developers, data engineers, and IT professionals. Each certification is a trusted stamp of approval that validates an individual's expertise and ability to understand, implement and support a given cloud solution or product.

Although we aim to continue being Africa’s leading GCP partner, we do recognise the importance of cloud diversity. As more businesses opt to combine products and services from various hyperscalers (cloud providers), we’re striving to provide the same, unmatched level of expertise on AWS and Microsoft Azure that our customers have come to expect from us on GCP.

We would like to celebrate some of our team members who have recently achieved certifications in their areas of expertise. Gao and Merrick achieved AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty certifications. Pierre, Ashill and Jaques are now AWS Certified Solutions Architects. Finally, Marnus, Maps and (in addition to their other certs) Pierre and Jacques each passed their AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exams.

Achieving these certifications is no easy task, especially with such busy daily work schedules, so we’re super proud of each of our devs for going out of their way to get certified. Well done, chaps.

If you're considering undertaking a cloud certification - let us know! We'd be happy to advise you on how best to achieve it.

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