A Job Change During Lockdown

3 years ago   •   2 min read

By Patrick Eriksen

Murendeni Mukwevho

I joined DotModus earlier this month as a Frontend Engineer. I’ll be sharing my experience on how it was for me to move between jobs during lockdown.

When DotModus approached me to schedule an interview, I had already started working from home for my previous employer. I went through my interview process with DotModus totally online. I'd built them a small React app as a skills test, then had a video interview with them to go through it. This was a bit scary but I felt that it was less stressful than going to the office and being interviewed by a panel in person. The interview was relaxed and gave me a good feeling of the environment I'd be potentially be working in. I believe I made a good impression, since I got a call with an offer the following day.

Jump to me starting in my role at DotModus. I'd been used to working with a much smaller team, so being part of a larger team took some getting used to (especially with all the introductions and comms. being done online). I've had to develop work relationships with multiple people entirely online which, for me, has made my work life feel more like a social media life.

As much as I have been a fan of enjoying my own space, this move made me realise that I feel better working in an office environment. I find that that background noise is in fact good for me, and, at times, even keeps me more focussed on my work. Being in an actual office and having a physical connection with my colleagues would definitely help me adjust to my new job far quicker though. Don't get me wrong, it has been great so far. Every one of my colleagues have been welcoming and helpful whenever I've needed any kind of support. I'd expected getting help from strangers over chat/email was going to be far more difficult. I'm looking forward to meeting each of them in person and I expect I'll get on with them all really well - judging from how they have been whenever I chat with them online.

Another thing that was new to me was the agile practices, with this, I had to change quite a lot of how I look at my work as everything is differently structured compared to where I was but, with the help of DotModus’ agile coaches, adapting to these practices was made easy.

With all this said, I am looking forward to challenges that lies ahead, playing my part as a team member of DotModus and learning new things, growing as a developer and a person in general. So far, it seems like my time here will be full of many more new experiences.

Stay Safe and Healthy.

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