Digicloud Africa announced as Google Cloud Expansion Partner of the Year EMEA

Our enablement partner, Digicloud, was awarded the 2020 Google Cloud Expansion Partner of the year for the EMEA region. We're incredibly proud of the team for their well-deserved achievement.

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Angelique Tzanakakis

DotModus is extremely proud to announce that Google has named our Cloud reseller enablement partner, Digicloud Africa, as their Google Cloud Expansion Partner of the Year for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The annual award recognises one global partner in the region that has shown outstanding success in helping a large number of customers achieve better results through the Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace.

“It’s an unbelievable honour to be the first African-based company to ever win a global Google Cloud Award,” says Digicloud Africa CEO Gregory MacLennan. “The past year has brought about a rapid, almost frantic adoption of technology across industries to streamline the necessity of remote working, but also for companies to accelerate digital transformation as a whole. Google Cloud is the cloud of choice for innovation and ease of adoption and we're proud to be part of the incredible ecosystem bringing that service to businesses on our continent.”

“We’re looking forward to the next year of helping companies to navigate moving into the cloud - a move that continues to revolutionise the way businesses operate, in very short periods of time,” concludes MacLennan.

Speaking to the benefit of working alongside Digicloud Africa, Dotmodus CEO Tom Fowler explains that “For the first time, we can focus on our team and the technology and let Digicloud focus on the ecosystem; this allows us to be driven by the technology and build solutions for our customers without being burdened by the admin”.

We congratulate Digicloud Africa on their wonderful achievement and are looking forward to continuing our successful partnership into the future.

About Digicloud Africa

Digicloud Africa is Google’s chosen enablement partner in Africa. Through Digicloud, Google is creating an ecosystem of Google Cloud partners across the continent.  Digicloud supports its partner network by providing the necessary training, tools and resources that are needed to successfully implement cloud solutions and support to their customers.  As customer demands for technology intensify, Digicloud is increasing its investment in supporting its partners to achieve sustainable growth. Digicloud’s partner enablement helps organisations build skills around open, advanced technologies in order to go to market with outcome-based solutions.

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