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Moving your business to the cloud may seem like an overwhelming task but not with our 30-day cloud migration solution.

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By Angelique Tzanakakis

For almost as long as public cloud services have been available, DotModus has been helping businesses implement them. DotModus Cloud in a Month is our tried and tested cloud migration methodology. The solution has been fine-tuned to be rapidly deployed for the shortest time to value, without disrupting your existing IT landscape. With DotModus Cloud in a Month, you’ll have your email, documents and databases moved to a fast, secure, fully managed cloud environment (Google, AWS or Azure) in 30 days or less

In this post, we will present an overview of the features of the solution, common questions asked by our customers relating to cloud migration and how we address these issues.

You have the choice between the three major cloud service providers: Google, Azure or Amazon; alternatively, we will help you determine the best cloud for your business

How can DotModus help mitigate vendor lock-in?

Firstly, vendor lock-in usually occurs when the act of switching to a different service provider is particularly costly. Take Apple, for example, initially, users were forced to use iTunes because any music purchased on the platform could only be played on iTunes or an iPod.

It’s important for businesses to not fall into this trap for a number of reasons such as unexpected price increases, decreased quality of services, or the service offerings no longer support the business’ needs.

Major cloud service providers understand the need to avoid vendor lock-in and have implemented solutions to help you escape it. At the heart of this approach is maintaining flexibility for your company. One product we offer that gives you this flexibility is Google Anthos. Anthos allows you to consolidate your operations across hybrid and multi-cloud environments including on-premises, Google Cloud, as well as other cloud providers. With Anthos, you aren’t restricted to one cloud provider and have the flexibility to make any necessary changes if you need to.

Experience no downtime - all existing databases and applications remain fully operational during the migration

Can our business continue to operate while during the cloud migration process?

The simple answer is yes - you’ll be able to continue to operate during the process. Google Cloud, a provider we have extensive experience with, is able to seamlessly migrate your workloads from one virtual machine to another with no disruptions.

One of our clients, LifeAssist, can attest to this fact. We were able to help them migrate their complex legacy infrastructure to Google Cloud within 2 weeks without any disruption. You can read the full case study by clicking here.

Comply with all modern data requirements

How can we be assured that our company remains compliant with stringent laws and regulations?

Our diverse team of over 100 experienced software engineers and cloud-certified data scientists consistently deliver 100% compliant solutions and procedures in line with GDPR and POPIA as well as other region-specific compliance requirements using advanced security tools.

Protecting who has access to sensitive data is something we take very seriously. Every engineer at DotModus applies the principle of least privilege to ensure end-to-end protection of your data and total privacy for your staff and customers.

Secure your environment against threats and malicious code

How can we prevent bad actors from accessing our information?

Google Cloud, AWS and Azure are equipped with advanced security measures that provide your company with the highest level of security possible. These measures include file encryption, firewalls, data back-ups, and regular security alerts and updates.

We also enforce additional security steps such as never sharing passwords via email or text (but rather with tools like 1Password), creating strong passwords, and enabling two-factor authentication wherever possible.

Keep costs low with pricing that adapts to your amount of cloud and data usage

How can we manage costs?

As certified and trusted Google, Amazon, and Microsoft partners we periodically review your cloud spend and provide recommendations for cost optimisation and improvements without additional fees.

How much does the cloud cost?

It’s hard to say, honestly, as it depends on your business’s unique needs. However, the cloud providers we work with offer innovative and transparent pricing structures including pay-as-you-use deals with no hidden activation or termination fees.

Built-in auto-scaling and redundancies mean that your cloud is always accessible

How can we be certain this is the right long-term solution?

By providing solutions that automatically scale and adapt to changes, we ensure that your cloud environment can keep up with any changes your business may experience - whether it’s scaling up or down. Autoscaling also ensures that you’re only paying for the cloud space/memory that your business actually uses.

Additionally, our support team closely monitors the performance of your cloud environment to ensure maximum availability, resiliency and network connectivity.

Who is this for?

We provide various cloud services to a wide range of customers, mainly larger enterprises but also SMEs, across a variety of industries. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and we’ll always take your business requirements into consideration when determining the best solution for you.

What we hope to have demonstrated in this post is that with DotModus Cloud in a Month, your business will be able to take advantage of cloud computing with the least amount of stress. We have a commitment to providing our customers with the most cost-effective, secure and agile solutions that give them that competitive edge they need.

You can find more of our success stories, here. Or you can drop us a message and we’ll get back to you, here.

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