DotModus Announced as Google Cloud’s Expertise Partner of the Month for May 2021

The “Expertise Partner of the Month” recognition is given to the Google Cloud partner that has achieved the highest number of Expertise designations during a given month.

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Angelique Tzanakakis

DotModus is excited to announce that Google has recognised us as the Expertise Partner of the Month for May 2021. We achieved 25 Expertise designations during May with a total of 52 Expertise designations as a part of Google Cloud’s Partner Advantage Program.

These Expertise designations are:

Achieving these Expertise designations means that we have demonstrated strong customer success with Google Workspace as well as the Google Cloud Platform. You can learn more about our work with GCP here.

About us

DotModus is a technology firm focused on business transformation through cloud computing, data analytics and machine learning. We are a diverse group of developers, solution architects and data scientists that represent a broad range of perspectives and skill sets. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, DotModus helps businesses identify opportunities for innovation and provide custom GCP-powered solutions that help reduce costs, improve decision making and streamline their operations.

"We believe that investing in Expertise is one of the best ways for us to demonstrate our team’s abilities. Each Expertise is a trusted stamp of approval that validates our ability to understand, implement and support solutions across various disciplines and industries. We’re exceptionally proud of our expertise and aren’t afraid to advertise them to prospective customers. Being a Google partner can be competitive, there are a lot of businesses doing what we do, but our impressive list of Expertise and Specializations has no doubt won us business on multiple occasions."

- Patrick Eriksen | Global Marketing Manager, DotModus

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