DotModus + HANGAR49

HANGAR49 and DotModus collaborate to drive powerful marketing engagements via the Cloud

3 years ago   •   1 min read

By Patrick Eriksen

DotModus has appointed HANGAR49 as its inbound marketing technology partner for its work in South Africa and the UK.

HANGAR49 is an outreach optimization and marketing technology partner that specializes in growing sales leads for B2B companies.

Drawing on its own experience in helping a host of customers optimize engagement with their audiences, DotModus will partner with HANGAR49 to reach new customers and drive the growth of its business, given the ever-evolving breadth of relationship with Google. This includes DotModus’ deep expertise in leveraging the Google Cloud marketing technology solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics.

“We are excited about diving deeper into new and established client relationships," says DotModus VP of Sales, Matt Chittenden. "Over the past 3 years, we have seen an explosion of movement to Cloud, and future sophistication of technical setups for corporations. We continue to be excited being at the forefront of this work at DotModus, and we keep powering clients from the bleeding edge. This relationship with HANGAR49 is pivotal to our accelerated global growth, with our US operation coming online in 2021."

"The way we like to describe our work is by finding the people our customers want to know, but don't... We find these people, and take them through nurturing journeys,” says HANGAR49 founder Alon Lichtenstein.

“The reality of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic means Google Cloud solutions are more relevant than ever. Enterprises worldwide are turning to hyper-scale cloud platforms to help them improve their agility and efficiency, stabilise their work-from-home deployments, and implement AI and machine learning solutions that enable them to enhance decision making and streamline operations,” says Patrick Eriksen, Marketing Manager at DotModus.

DotModus and HANGAR49 look forward to engaging in a fruitful partnership and harnessing emerging technologies to create valuable connections and uncover real revenue opportunities.

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