DotModus Partners with Imply

We are excited to announce that we have joined Imply’s global partner network. Together we aim to help our customers use self-service analytics to unlock insights from digital interactions and improve services.

3 years ago   •   1 min read

By Angelique Tzanakakis

Imply provides businesses with a real-time analytics solution to store, query and visualise event-driven data. Imply allows business decision-makers to interactively explore petabyte-scale streaming datasets to quickly get insights, detect problems and implement changes.

The platform is a  cloud-native full-stack solution that includes high-speed ingestion, instant query response, a simple visual UI, and fine-grained security. It also integrates with popular message buses, data lakes, data warehouses and business integration tools.

Under the hood, Imply is powered  by Apache Druid, a popular open-source database that delivers sub-second query responses on enormous streaming datasets.

Imply is ideal when instant insights are critical, such as when analyzing user behaviour, risk and fraud management, supply chain events, and Internet of Things (IoT) device interactions. Imply complements Druid with an intuitive and responsive analytics UI, cloud-native deployment and management, performance monitoring, and enterprise-grade security.

“We’re excited to get to work with Thomas Fowler and the team at DotModus,” said Andy Sadler, GM of Imply EMEA, “We’re confident that the addition of real-time self-service analytics will multiply the value of their cloud computing solutions.”

“We are thrilled to have DotModus join our growing partner ecosystem to provide an important presence in South Africa,” Megan Galletta, CA-AM global partner sales lead at Imply.

DotModus and Imply look forward to transforming how businesses operate by integrating real-time intelligence. For more info about Imply, click here and to see Imply in action, click here.  

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