Google Cloud Next: Infrastructure

A quick recap on what went down during Week 3: Infrastructure at Google Cloud Next '20: On Air

3 years ago   •   1 min read

By Patrick Eriksen

Accelerating Your Digital Transformation through a Modern Infrastructure

During Infrastructure week, Google showcased the latest advancements in cloud technology and how their unique infrastructure is being used to build planet scalable solutions.

Some talks to check out:

Do it Live! - How Fitbit moved all of its production operations from managed hosting to Google Cloud Platform without any downtime.

Enhanced Cancer Treatment Tech - How Oncology Venture (who develop personalised treatment technology for cancer patients based on their mRNA) use Google Cloud to bring specialists together and allow their employees to securely access development tools and applications from anywhere in the world without compromising sensitive patient data.

Simplify Your Migration to the Cloud - an excellent demo on how to seamlessly migrate VMware workloads to Google Cloud without changing your existing VMware environment, while lowering costs and enabling innovation.

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