Introducing DotModus Insights Products

We have launched three new insights products to help your business leverage artificial intelligence and cloud data technology to gain a competitive edge.

3 years ago   •   2 min read

By Angelique Tzanakakis

The three products are DotModus Audience Insights, DotModus Health Insights, and DotModus Product Insights. All three products are powered by Google Cloud but can be integrated into both multi-cloud or on-premises environments.

“The DotModus Insights suite of products is a culmination of working closely with various customers in media, healthcare and retail over the past 10 years. Each product combines the latest in Google Cloud technologies and our team’s expertise to provide innovative solutions to industry-specific problems.” - Thomas Fowler, CEO DotModus.

DotModus Audience Insights

DotModus Audience Insights is the result of the move away from traditional third-party trackers and cookies. The ways to effectively reach, understand, and engage with customers is changing and, as a result, new first-party tracking tools like DotModus Audience Insights are becoming more important to ensure companies are making the most of their marketing activities. DotModus Audience Insights analyses the behaviour of your existing customers and helps you to find more people just like them. It not only helps you target the right people but more of the right people.

DotModus Health Insights

Now more than ever, healthcare providers are feeling the pressure to help more patients faster and more accurately - and better healthcare begins with better data management.  DotModus Health Insights uses the latest in cloud technology to help manage patients' queries, data and documents. Streamline patient experiences and give healthcare workers more time to focus on patients without compromising sensitive data.

DotModus Product Insights

The retail industry moves quickly and adapting as quickly as possible to changes in stock availability, purchasing trends and customer needs is key to retailers’ success. DotModus Product Insights leverages data technology to optimise customer experiences, sale forecasting and product recommendations. Use the data you already have to improve sales, operations and experiences and take advantage of cloud technology to synchronise online and offline sales activity, create smarter customer segments and optimise various retail operations.

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