It's 2021: give your Teams the Workspace they deserve

Why more and more businesses are choosing Google Workspace for their employees

3 years ago   •   4 min read

By Angelique Tzanakakis

Twenty-nine percent of working professionals say they would quit their jobs if they couldn't continue working remotely. With this in mind, and continued uncertainty around vaccination timelines, now’s a better time than ever to make sure your teams have what they need to work together.

Here are 10 reasons why businesses are choosing Google Workspace for their employees:

1. All you need is a web browser

Unlike many competitors, Google Workspace is entirely web-based and doesn’t require any downloading or installing. Employees can access all the Documents and Video Conferencing tools they need from right from any web browser

2. Open Microsoft Office files and more

Open, edit and save Word, Excel and Powerpoint files.

Customise and extend Google Workspace with add-ons and APIs. Google Workspace allows you to integrate seamlessly with other tools your business is already using.

3. Fast, easy collaboration

Since you only need a browser, Workspace allows employees to work and collaborate with colleagues in real-time, from just about any device.

Google Workspace has several accessibility functions which helps create a culture of inclusivity.

4. Accountability and transparency

Working remotely requires a lot more self-discipline from employees and trust from employers.

Google Workspace keeps a full, unlimited edit history for every word, number and cell in each document. Maintain accountability by easily tracking and managing the additions or edits each team member makes to shared documents.

Cloud Search on Workspace ensures that the critical content you need is always available and easy to find. Use the power of Google to search across your company’s content to quickly find relevant emails, documents and calendar events.

6. Never lose data

I’ll say it again - Google Workspace is entirely web based. All changes saved as you go. If your internet connection goes down, you’re able to work on your documents offline and save your progress when you reconnect. Gone are the days of panicking when your document freezes unexpectedly.

Moreover, you can get all the storage capacity you need with Google Workspace - using less of your computer’s disc space.

7. The best in video conferencing

Joining a meeting on Google Meet is simple - you click a link which opens a new tab, ready for you to join. You can avoid the (often hilarious) faux pas of thinking you’ve left the meeting but haven’t by simply closing the tab when the meeting is over. It’s just as easy to connect with your mobile device. Having trouble hearing? Just turn on Google Meet’s instant transcribing and give your colleagues their very own subtitles.

With Google Workspace you can also record meetings and host webinars to a broader audience.

8. Affordable pricing

With the current economic situation, companies are seeking new ways to reduce costs. As expected, Google knows that every business is not the same and offers a range of solutions.

Google Workspace is available for as little as R60 per user per month.

9. Security and Compliance

Workspace is backed by Google’s industry-leading security and privacy controls. Security is of the utmost importance to Google and, as a result, Workspace includes everything you need to help ensure security and data compliance.

10. Reliability

With no scheduled downtime or maintenance and a promise of 99.9% uptime on services, Google remains one of the most dependable providers with a proven record.

Their data centres are also dispersed geographically to mitigate the risk of regional disruptions such as natural disasters and outages.

Real-life Implementations

It’s not surprising that many multinational companies have acknowledged the pressure of the changing technology landscape - even prior to the pandemic.


One such company being PWC. Google Workspace has changed their company’s culture - it’s now focused on collaboration and working with employees’ needs.

“I think the last time I owned one document totally by myself was in 2013. Now everything I do, other people weigh in - five heads are better than one. What's cool it's that I don't hesitate to comment my partner in. It results in a much better deliverable overall.” - Adrienne Schutte, global change director at PwC


Colgate-Palmolive Company implemented Google Workspace to facilitate the collaboration between cross-functional and geographically dispersed teams. They found great value in the flexible and familiar collaborative tools offered by Google Workspace - specifically the willingness to embrace these tools by current and future employees which would also offer regular upgrades without requiring IT’s involvement.

OLX Group

Another company embracing the benefits of Google Workspace is the OLX Group. Google Workspace has allowed them to effectively and clearly communicate company goals using Google Meet. Furthermore, to foster a culture of communication, they now use a social hub built on Google+.  Google docs, as mentioned above, makes sharing and collaborating on documents with live editing as well as single location storage.

“In some ways, having Google Workspace and this platform feels like we’re speaking face to face. Teams feel so much more part of the global community. You kill the middle man. People can share ideas and solutions without going through headquarters. They just do it themselves.”  - Ana Garcia, Global Head of Communications, OLX Group

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