Look(er) at this 1: Introducing Looker

Many businesses are taking advantage of digital transformation to drive business success. Implementing the latest data technologies (like Looker) have allowed businesses to get the most value out of their data.

3 years ago   •   1 min read

By Angelique Tzanakakis

Looker’s modern data infrastructure gives data to the people that need it in a secure, valuable and scalable way.

The Looker platform allows you to get more value from your data by turning insights into powerful data-driven experiences for users. With embedded analytics, you can provide employees with the valuable data they need to increase revenue and decrease costs.

Centralise your data and deliver impactful and accurate insights in a way that can adapt to changing demands. With Looker, you can enhance your legacy BI systems with governed data that will unify your teams.

Looker offers a self-serve data experience that is scalable which includes but isn’t limited to row-level exploration, interactive visualizations, data cataloguing, and data discovery.

Moreover, Looker lets you adapt to the unique needs of your business. You can streamline workflows and deliver data for any use with APIs, SDKs, rule-based proactive alerts, and scheduled reporting.

Look(er) out for the next instalment of our blog series detailing the benefits of Looker. In the next blog, I will tell you why you should consider Looker.

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