Look(er) at this 2: Why Looker

Many businesses already have BI tools, but those tools may not be as effective as you’d like. Now you’re probably asking yourself - why should we move to Looker?

3 years ago   •   1 min read

By Angelique Tzanakakis

Here are just 5 advantages of using Looker:

No desktop software

All you need for Looker is a web browser which allows for a consistent platform experience. It also facilitates seamless collaboration by allowing you to share content using links.

Optimised for the cloud

Looker has multi-cloud capabilities ensuring your data strategy is future-proof. The platform lets you easily change where you deploy it and which underlying database (or databases) you use.

Trusted data model

Looker strikes the perfect balance between governance and self-service and users of all technical levels can interact with and explore centralised, trusted data and analytic content.

API enabled data experiences

Create rich innovative data experiences that enhance existing processes. Insights are in context and applications users interact with daily. You can build and deploy custom end-to-end applications or use pre-built ones like web analytics, marketing analytics and sales analytics for rapid time to value.

Modern in-product live support

Customer feedback is important to Looker. They value their customers and provide in-product live support through the DCL (Department of Customer Love).

Look out for the next blog in the series in which I will detail how Looker will increase your agility.

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