Look(er) at this 3: Looker + Business Agility

One feature of a successful business is agility. If your business cannot identify, adapt and renew itself, your competitors will gain the upper hand. Your legacy BI tool may be holding you back.

3 years ago   •   1 min read

By Angelique Tzanakakis

Looker knows that data is constantly changing and, as such, your business requirements are, too. The Looker platform was designed with this in mind. Users familiar with SQL (not just IT) can make changes to Looker’s git version-controlled data model and define or maintain business rules for the organisation. This is powered by LookerML, a powerful SQL-based modelling language.

Each analyst gets their own dev environment to play around with new analyses without interfering with anyone else's. Every change to the data model can be examined, audited or reversed if needed.

What’s more, is that Looker has direct connectivity to any SQL database. This means that you won’t be waiting for IT to make modelling changes. You can now have access to a real-time view of your business without the hassle of data teams or waiting for IT.

But how does this increase agility? Well, since Looker can adapt to your business needs quickly and gives you a near real-time view of your business, you can make faster and better decisions - keeping you ahead of the competition.

Look out for the next blog in the series in which I will detail the future of the platform.

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