Look(er) at this 4: The future of Looker

What the future holds for Looker.

3 years ago   •   1 min read

By Angelique Tzanakakis

Welcome to the fourth instalment of our blog series about why Looker is superior (in our humble opinion).

Earlier this year, Looker released a roadmap of their products (you can read that here). For your convenience, I will summarise one aspect below.

Looker supports over 2000 customers of various sizes - pretty impressive if you ask me. One of the aspects the platform is focusing on this year is providing a customisable platform. Data applications are moving beyond dashboards and analysts are finding innovative ways to glean insights from their data.

Looker will support its customer’s needs and, as a result, will allow them to tailor the platform to suit each person’s role. Moving forward, the development platform will be more powerful and easier for you to use by:

  1. Providing more tools to work with.
  2. Making Looker extensions easier to build.
  3. Facilitating more work with GCP solutions to increase the value of your insights.

This is just one of the aspects, we encourage you to read the full roadmap for a detailed look into the future of the platform.

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