There's no "I" in co-sourcng

4 years ago   •   2 min read

By Jason Harvey

Co-sourcing or staff augmentation is hardly a new term, but the modern business environment, with its increased interconnectivity, is allowing companies to build and manage teams easier than ever before. Collaborative tools, video conferencing technology and advances in global fibre and 5G networks are enabling organisations to seamlessly augment and co-source their internal teams with talent from across the globe.

The fast paced and unpredictable nature of building and managing software makes it the perfect candidate for modern co-sourcing and staff augmentation. Technologies come and go, data policies change, security threats arise and users’ needs shift; businesses building software need to be prepared to adapt to these changes quickly and efficiently.

Co-sourcing can help companies deal with these changes in four main ways:

Reduced costs

Businesses go through time-consuming and costly processes to source talented individuals for niche roles. By hiring dedicated devs managed by an external company, they can benefit from top talent and expertise without having to worry about the costs around full-time employment.

Scale up and down fast

Co-sourcing allows businesses to scale their dev teams quickly to match changing project requirements. Time spent sourcing, training, onboarding (or offloading) talent is greatly reduced.

Independently managed

The vendor remains responsible for the performance of the provided resource(s). If an individual isn’t up to the task, or the requirements of a project change, they can easily be swapped out or reallocated.

New skills and approaches

A quick influx of new talent is a brilliant way to boost an internal team’s skills. New hires can make the most of an existing team’s knowledge of the business, while supplementing the technical expertise necessary to accomplish project goals. A fresh pair of eyes goes a long way!

At DotModus, our approach to software development (or what we call our “DotModus Operandi”) hangs heavily on staff augmentation. We find that leveraging off of our customers’ existing, in-house talent to be hugely beneficial to the success and longevity of our solutions. Wherever possible, we look to build out our solutions with our customers and not just for them. Co-sourcing with a customer’s internal team ensures their devs understand the inner workings of our solution and are better equipped to manage it post project completion.

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