Trifacta Quick Reads 1: What is Data Prep?

Raw data needs to be prepared before data scientists can analyse it. But what is "data prep" anyway?

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Angelique Tzanakakis

Before data scientists can analyse data using analytic tools or programs, they need to prepare it. This essential step - known as data prep or data wrangling - involves transforming and cleaning your raw data into a form that can be used in analyses, reporting and data science.

Cleaning and wrangling data is a time consuming and technically challenging task for data scientists. However, with Trifacta, data prep is quick and easy. Trifacta breaks data prep down into 6 core steps that allow the user to transform raw datasets into a  structured asset for accurate analyses and valuable insights.

In this upcoming series, we will show you why Trifacta is the undisputed leader in data prep for anyone who works with data.

­čĺí FYI: Data wrangling or data prep software was invented by the founders of Trifacta who created the first self-service data preparation tool.

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