Trifacta Quick Reads 4: Predictive Transformation

In the penultimate post of this series, we discuss how Trifacta uses machine learning techniques to help you prep your data faster.

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Angelique Tzanakakis

Trifacta knows that humans are pretty good at identifying singular issues while software is good at solving issues at scale. To leverage this concept, Trifacta uses Predictive Transformation.

Every movement within Trifacta leads to a prediction as the system intelligently assesses your data and recommends a ranked list of context-specific suggestions with real-time previews for users to evaluate or edit. This is powered by an innovative interface and industry leading machine learning techniques.

What’s best is that you don’t need to code anything. As you work with the platform, the predictions become smarter and better. This means that the more you work with it, the better it will work for you.

💡 FYI: Trifacta has been ranked the #1 vendor in Dresner Advisory Service's report on the data prep space since 2015.

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