Vivino and more use Looker for their Data. Here's why.

Track, understand and improve your customers’ experience at a pace that will keep you strides ahead of your competitors.

3 years ago   •   3 min read

By Angelique Tzanakakis

The increase in digital consumption and the opportunities to analyse consumer behaviour have produced an explosion of data, with traditional data warehouses struggling to handle the data growth. Let’s face it, these warehouses were not designed to handle the growing volume of data, run advanced analytics, or scale quickly and cost-effectively. As such, your data is likely to be fragmented across the organisation in multiple data silos, making it hard to effectively utilise and leverage information.

An effective data exploration tool available is Looker’s Marketing Analytics Accelerator, a joint offering built on the tight integration of Looker and Google BigQuery. Your business can now leverage the Looker and BigQuery Machine Learning (BQML) integration to complete advanced audience segmentation, analyse market trends, and identify consumption patterns. Combining Looker with BQML democratises the use of machine learning by providing data analysts and business users alike the ability to build and run models using existing business intelligence tools and spreadsheets. This enables business decision making through predictive analytics across the organisation.

Looker makes data exploration available to all of your employees - not just the technical team (so no more waiting on exports from the few data gurus in the business). It securely centralises all of your company’s data for a complete understanding of every aspect of your business. For example, employees can seamlessly jump between data from the sales department, support desk or social media platforms, giving them an end to end view on product performance and customer activity.  From purchases and returns to issues and daily uses. With quicker access to relevant, reliable data your teams will make the right decisions faster. With this 360° view of your customer, you will be able to track, understand and improve your customers’ experience at a pace that will keep you strides ahead of your competitors.

Moreover, Looker’s tailored user interface empowers your employees to analyse data while BigQuery provides strong data warehousing and machine learning capabilities. With Looker, you can break down your data silos, convert raw data into useful insights and establish a common data model across your organisation. As a result, everyone will have access to the same insights and get trusted answers. Applying those insights as business solutions enables you to act on opportunities that you may have missed otherwise. Looker allows for smarter content creation, enhanced personalisation of business activities, and data-driven advertising all while keeping the whole company, technical and non-technical colleagues alike, in the loop.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are just a few examples of companies who have implemented Looker with great success:

Vivino, the largest online wine marketplace and most downloaded wine app, also successfully leveraged Looker to improve customer experience and help their retailer and winery partners gain better insights into their data. Specifically, merchants can compare pricing and stock against competitors to gauge their uniqueness and spot early trends to better optimise their inventory. Vivino’s marketing team uses Looker to visualise marketing data from various sources to identify marketing activities that increase customer satisfaction. From there, they can make better decisions about what activities work best in certain areas related to customer acquisition.

King, the mobile game developers behind the cultural phenomenon Candy Crush, has effectively implemented Looker to ensure everyone at the company has access to the insights they need to keep ahead in the competitive market. As such, they are able to develop new games or make changes to existing games more efficiently. With millions of game players generating large volumes of data, King needs to deliver the right insight to the right people timeously. Furthermore, because King’s studio team can get insights from Looker directly, data scientists are left to do the things only they can do with fewer interruptions.

SoundCommerce, a data platform for retail brands, utilises Looker to allow brands to make intelligent decisions based on real-time insights. For example, they provide the warehouse operations team with a complete 360° view of the customer to allow them to prioritise their actions. This means that first-time buyers, high-value orders and loyal customers are prioritised. SoundCommerce’s goal, according to CEO Eric Best, is to “reduce the time and cost it takes to bring data from these various operational systems into a very responsive and dynamic data model”.

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