Welcoming Emil Raal to the DotModus Sales Team

Introducing a new addition to our expanding sales team

2 years ago   •   3 min read

By Angelique Tzanakakis

Recently, our Business Development team welcomed a couple of new team members. One of which being Emil who has joined the DotModus team as a Corporate Key Account Manager. With 15 years of sales experience, it was a no-brainer to welcome him to our team. In addition to his proven success in developing solutions for high-profile clients, he describes himself as an out-the-box thinker, passionate about delivering high-quality work in fast-paced environments.

Some of the qualities that solidified our decision to bring him on were his planning and execution abilities, as well as his willingness to lead and collaborate with teams to deliver services that exceed client and partner expectations. His success in previous roles has been as a result of a customer-first approach always looking for ways to add value.

Beyond his extensive experience managing complex sales activities, Emil is clearly not afraid to do what most would never. He has summited Mount Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak - the highest of the three peaks that make up Mount Kilimanjaro. He also has more than 160 skydives under his belt (100th in Klatovy, Prague).

Emil has travelled extensively both locally and internationally and spent 2 years living in Greater London. Besides risking his life jumping out of planes and climbing mountains, he also has front-end web development skills - very appropriate for a software company. Some of his other more relatable hobbies include mountain biking, hiking, playing the acoustic guitar, watching documentaries, reading and listening to podcasts.

“Our growth strategy at DotModus is to double the revenue within the next 3 years. We have already achieved this twice over the years. We can only afford to have the best players on the team to achieve this. The recruitment process was rigorous, methodical and data-driven using custom software and specialist skills. Well done Emil and welcome to my team!”
Matt Chittenden - Sales Director

We thought it fit to ask Emil some hard-hitting questions to get to know him better (in his own words).

Angelique: Welcome to the team, Emil! First question: what was your very first job?

Emil: I was the Assistant Branch Manager at Chess Pizza, the very first store in Dunkeld.

A: You said you liked podcasts - what are you listening to now?

E:  Specifically, I have recently enjoyed a few thought-provoking episodes from Sam Harris' Making Sense.

A: And books? Any recommendations?

E: The Tangled Tree - A Radical New History of Life by David Quammen.

A: Sounds interesting! Now to the important questions: what upcoming technological innovation will dramatically impact the industry in the next five years, do you think?

E: I think the massive gains being made in quantum computing by Google specifically will likely solve problems far beyond what’s possible today.

A: I agree - Google is clearly focussing on creating a tool that will revolutionise the world and how we do things. Last question - how do you define success?

E: It is very rare that anyone does anything in isolation, so whether it’s a business or personal engagement, if all parties walk away feeling like they have received value, this is success to me.

We’re excited to embark on this new journey together with Emil - welcome to the team, Emil!

Here are some awesome photos Emil shared with us:

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