Written language and AI/ML: the intersection between humans and technology

How you can use written language to improve customer experience

3 years ago   •   1 min read

By Angelique Tzanakakis

For most of my adult life, I have been obsessed with human language. To put this  into perspective, I spent 5 years at university studying linguistics; one of which was spent writing a 150+ page dissertation about languages I don’t speak.

It’s obvious that the power held by human language (including written language) plays an important role in society. Written language has undoubtedly infiltrated every aspect of our daily lives with the rising popularity of social media, communication platforms, and the use of the internet in general.

As such, ignoring the potential wealth of information your business could glean from written language could be the difference between success and failure. Examples of written language you could use include but are not limited to reviews, customer surveys, social media posts, adverts as well as communication with customer service.

It would be dishonest to ignore that while this data presents an opportunity to improve your business, it also presents a challenge. One of the challenges you could face relates to the usefulness of the results.

The Google Cloud Natural Language API allows you to:

  1. Glean insights from customers.
  2. Access multimedia and multilingual support.
  3. Extract key document entities.
  4. Understand receipts and invoices.
  5. Produce content classification relationship graphs.
  6. Access to the best of Google deep-learning models.

Recently, Google held a session titled Improving the Citizen Experience with Sentiment Analysis during the Public Sector Summit. During this short session, Teresa Muñoz-Cruzado and Ana Lopez-Mancisidor, Google Cloud Customer Engineers, demoed how to use the Natural Language API to analyse sentiment.

The analysis they presented demonstrated how organisations can implement AI/ML to produce rapid personalised service at their own pace. What I found most interesting was that it’s clear that leveraging sentiment analysis isn’t restricted to the public sector. Your customers have come to expect fast, reliable and personalised services, now more than ever.

To help you understand your customers better and ensure that you provide the best possible customer service, Contact us to find out how we can implement this Natural Language API.

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